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Malayalee Association of Greater Philadelphia (MAP) established in 1978 is a registered non-profit social and cultural organization with over 500 members. MAP was formed as a forum for Malayalee Community from South Indian state Kerala to promote and encourage the social, cultural, and educational life of its members.  Their aim is to help people develop social interactions, maintain cultural heritage, formulate the charity projects and programs and foster the relations with other communities.



I am humbled, honored and privileged to be the  President of Malayalee Association of Philadelphia (MAP, 2020). I am deeply grateful to my executive committee, committee members and dear MAP family for your support  and outstanding contributions. Indeed, the growth of MAP has been propelled collectively by the past presidents committees and members of the this great organization.
Malayalee Association of Greater Philadelphia is one of the oldest Indian association in Philadelphia with 42 years of heritage and cultural values. We are a registered non profit organization with our own building which welcome's every one to come and join us for a  traditional gathering. 

Charity and public service are our main focus. Youth and women's activities  will be our primary priority. All senior citizens, MAP members  and families  who dedicated their life to build our organization will be remembered and honoured always unconditionally. 


Thank You     


Shalu Mathew Punnoose President

(MAP 2020)


We started with a blessed inauguration day. We planned around fourteen events and planning to start collecting funds this year  to buy a bigger and convenient building in another five years.Request all your support and prayers for the success and fulfilling of our goals.               



The Vision of Malayalee Association of Greater Philadelphia [MAP] is to maintain a forum for malayalees to come together to celebrate, preserve and promote the rich traditions and cultural values of Kerala among friends, families, and younger generations 

•To engage the Malayalee community in activities spanning cultural, educational, professional, social, sporting, welfare and recreational arenas
• To preserve and propagate Malayalee heritage and culture in our multicultural society
• To co-operate with similar organizations to conduct/organize programs of common interest for the members to meet together and exchange ideas, views, and opinion in this otherwise busy world
• To organize network of Keralites and to conduct charitable activities in response to any disasters or in an emergency for the betterment of social wellbeing of our community.